Building emotional literacy and youth leadership through improvised drama

Our Philosophy

Why Drama?

Here at Initialize Drama, we like to say that we don’t teach drama – rather, we let drama teach us

Our classes use drama as a medium through which students can build on core skills such as interpersonal communication, self-awareness, confidence and collaboration in a fun and supportive environment.

These core personal development skills lay the foundation for a sense of confidence, self-worth, and self-efficacy. Strong leadership ability is built on these skills.

We believe that personal development and leadership skills are best learned experientially.

The improvisational drama methods used in our classes allow students to explore key personal development skills in a playful and supportive environment.

Our drama pieces are created organically and collaboratively by students, using an improvisational drama method called devised theatre, also known as collaborative creation. Using this method encourages students to explore class topics experientially and at a deeper level than written or discussion-based learning.

Our Methods

Why Improv?


What People Say

I have very much enjoyed the progam and will definitely be recommending it to others. It was fun and felt like a safe environment where you could express your opinion and share ideas without being judged too hard. Overall an extremely good course 100/100 A+.”

Keiran, student (age 13)

Least favourite part of the class? “Check out, because after that it’s finished!”

Student feedback

“I really enjoyed getting to know others interested in drama/acting, and learning to work as a team and be ope to a wide range of ideas, and then to just see how it goes. I loved how everyone was so flexible and open with ideas.”

Evangeline, student (age 13)

Thing that you got most out of the classes? “Learning about respecting others.”

Student feedback

“As a parent of a teenager, I felt the program has been wonderful for my son’s personal growth and development. They appear to touch on a variety of challenging topics but delivered in a fun light hearted way, in a safe trusted environment.”

Adrian, parent of student

The main thing you have learned during our drama classes? “Not to be shy and to be confident with everything you do and to welcome newcomers with open arms.”

Student feedback


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